Waste types


AVISTA OIL Denmark A/S, earlier know as "Dansk Olie Genbrug A/S" is approved for the processing of the following types of waste products, with their associated EWC ("European Waste Catalogue") codes. 


AVISTA OIL Denmark A/S collects ALL types of waste oil, be it mineral or synthetic, "dry" or emulsified in water, as long as it can be pumped. Chlorified waste oil and used vegetable oils cannot, however, be processed.


The oil waste is given the highest degree of re-use, based on assessment of the origin of the waste oil and its composition.


Used lubricating oils, such as engine, transmission and hydraulics oils, as well as hot transmission and insulation oil contain large amounts of base oil, which is cleaned so that it can be re-used for production of lubricating oil.


Used oil emulsions and other oil/water mixtures from ships, oil separators or water from tank cleaning are processed in Horsens. These waste oils typically consist primarily of heating oil and diesel oil. Water and oil are separated, the oil is cleared of sludge and can be sold as a heating fuel product for heavy industry or sent for further cleaning outside Denmark. In this way, we achieve a cleaner fuel - through re-use of the heating oil component.


The water component is cleansed of oil and heavy metals in a precipitation and flocculation process, before being discharged into the municipal cleaning plant through the sewers.