Technology, re-refining used lubricating oils


The oils are re-refined in such a way that hazardous heavy metals and other contaminants are removed.


The oil is pre-heated and filtered, until water is removed in a flash distillation. Water makes up an average of 6 - 8 % of the waste oil received. The "dry" oil is fully regenerated and fractioned into reusable base oil (60-65%) and the combustion-suitable products: light ends (LE) (2-4 %) and heating oil (F10) (12 -15%) and finally bottom product (residues from the distillation process) (14-18%), which is sold as bitumen for the roofing industry.


The base oil fraction is then re-filtered and refined in an extraction process, in which aromatic compounds are rinsed out.

All products are subject to ongoing analysis, in both internal and external laboratories, so that we can be sure to maintain the same high quality.