Technology, reprocessing of oil/water mixtures


Cutting and drilling oils from industry, slop oil from vessels and other oil/water mixtures (e.g. tank cleaning) are processed at AVISTA OIL's division in Horsens.


The waste oil is filtered, heated and stored in tanks in which the oil and water separate due to their different densities. The oil rises, helped by the heating.


The water fraction is led to water processing and cleansed of oils and heavy metals before discharged to domestic sewer System for further treatment at Horsens Central Purification facility.


The oil phase is pumped to a tank for further sedimentation of water. After filtration and analyses, the oil is ready for sale as support fuel oil in heavy industry or for refining in the Netherlands, where the oil is distilled into cleaner fuel oil. The highest degree of utilisation of the oil product is to benefit from the heating calories. What was originally primarily heating oil, is recycled as heating oil.