The heavy oil fraction of the used lube oils ends up in the "Bottum product" - as the remaining part in the last collumn of distillation. This viscous bitumious oil, which needs to be heated to more than 100 ºC to be easily pumpable, is suitable for production of roofing material. The viscosity must be kept stabel around the 250 cSt (centiStoke). 


AVISTA B250: Distillation process of base oil stops, when about 15-20% of the original used oil is left in the bottum of the distillation collumn. A viscosity of 250 cSt of the bottum product is the target. The fraction of the bottum product depend on the mixture of used lubricants. Algerian used lubes result in a larger fraction of bottum product then the Danish and Norwegian used lubes for example. The lube oils used for operations in the warmer climate is generally more viscous.


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