The waste oil, which is regenerated is a complex product. The used lubricants are partly worn out oil molecules,- "broken to pieces" after many hours of use. The shortened molecules result in a fraction of light oils present in the used lubricants.


In addition fractions of petrol and diesel/kerosine remains in the lubricants after use. These oils are distilled off the used lubricants at lower temperatures then the heavier base oils and becomes bi-products of the regeneration of the used lubricants.


AVISTA Fuel Premium 10: 10-15 % of the used lubricants are destilled off as a gasoil. The product is used as a fuel in heavy industries and bunker fuel. 


AVISTA Fuel Regular LE: The used lubrucants contain approx 2 % of very light oils (simular to petrol).

AVISTA Fuel Regular EX: From the extraction of the baseoil originates a base oil destillate with a high concentration of aromatic compounds (PNAs). AVISTA fuel EX is sold as a fuel for industry.


AVISTA Fuel Regular H: AVISTA fuel regular H is a fuel which originates from the dewatering of oil emulsions and fuel oils. PDS is fould here: