Base oil


The refinable oils typically consist of lubricating oils that are drained during oil changes, such as transmission oil, engine oil and hydraulic oil, but also e.g. hot transmission oil and transformer oil. All of these are lubricating oils that are made from a base/virgin oil to which various additives are added, according to the use of the lubricating oil.


The base oil is refined by distillation and extraction. The base oil can be compared with virgin base oil (refined directly from crude oil) and sold on the free oil market. In fact, the re-refined base oil quality is a little better in some respects, as it is a mixture of synthetic (artificial products and very uniform) and mineral oils, which gives it a very high viscosity index (fairly uniform molecule length).

The product data sheet for base oil, which is called AVISTA Kernsolvat® KS 150* and is equivalent to the virgin base oil SN 150 can be found here:


 AVISTA Kernsolvat® KS 150* - Product sheet


 AVISTA Kernsolvatt® KS 150 - MSDS


 AVISTA Kernsolvat® KS 200 - Product sheet


 AVISTA Kernsolvat® KS 200 - MSDS