Avoid mixing lubricating oils and emulsions

Lubricating oils (engine and gear oils), hydraulic oils, insulation and transmission oils can be re-refined and recycled into new lubricating oils. The recyclable oils are collected free of charge. Therefore, it is important to keep them separate from oils that cannot be recycled into new lubricating oils: cooling water from cutting and drilling metals and other oil/water emulsions, heating oil, washing water containing oils from various cleaningtasks.


The oils are collected in seperate vehicles, or vehicles with separate compartments, and are ensured the best handling and highest possible degree of re-use.

Protect yourself against the hazardous substances of waste oils

Your skin is a very good protection against hazardous substances, but used engine oils contain heavy metals and aromatic oil compounds (PAH) that may be carcinogens.


PAHs can be absorbed through the skin and enter the body's circulatory system. For this reason, ALWAYS wear suitable protection in the form of gloves when handling waste oil.