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Market leading specialist in used oil collection

AVISTA OIL is your partner and specialist in the collection of used oils for recycling. We collect and transport your used oils in a safe and environmentally correct way to our own licensed recycling plants for purification and re-refining.

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AVISTA OIL has vast experience within used oil collection and re-refining. We were founded back in 1993 as Dansk Olie Genbrug, and together with the AVISTA OIL group – since the 1950s a leading collector and operator of re-refineries worldwide – we possess valuable expertise in the field.

We provide services to over 15,000 Danish customers – primarily car repair shops, industrial plants and recycling centres, but also contractors, ships etc. On a yearly basis, we collect more than 40,000 tons of used oils for reuse.

Our tank trucks are all custom-built for high manoeuvrability and easy access. Our experienced drivers ensure safe and environmentally correct handling and transportation of your used oils.

Used lubricating oils are transported to Europe’s most modern re-refinery – AVISTA Green located in Kalundborg, Denmark – for re-refining into new, high quality base oil. The re-refined base oil is used as an essential ingredient in the production of new lubricating oils.

Base oil production by re-refining contributes significantly to reduced climate impact by all of 30% lower CO2 emission compared to conventional base oil production from crude oil.

Oil emulsions and other kinds of aqueous oil waste is taken to our plant in Horsens for processing. Here, oil and water are separated, and the water is purified of oil and heavy metals.

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Juelsmindevej 6/18
4400 Kalundborg

Endelavevej 10/12
8700 Horsens

Phone: 59 56 56 44
Mail: avista@avista-oil.dk