The history of AVISTA OIL Denmark started at the port of Kalundborg in 1992. Mustad International Group saw the viability of turning the black waste oil into base oil "gold" and invested in a facility at the port of Kalundborg. It was already then essential to ensure access to raw materials, and during the 1990s, the former DOAK oil and Østjysk Olie Depot became part of Dansk Olie Genbrug A/S which the company was called back then and on to Oct. 2013.


In the early years the waste oil was cleaned of heavy metals and made into a pure heating fuel oil, but the company continued to make efforts to produce recycled base oil for production of lubricating oils. New technology was developed and the production of base oil started 10 years later, in 2002.


As a full-scale trial facility, AVISTA OIL Danmark had to struggle with a number of challenges. The base oil production was a reality, but "teething troubles" and lack of sufficient waste oil deliveries still made stable production difficult.


In February 2005, production ceased temporarily. In the subsequent two years the ground was laid for greater reliability of supply of waste oil. AVISTA OIL Group was founded and the Group bought and invested in more collection companies in Europe and improved the access to the waste oil. In addition AVISTA OIL Group today has a cooperation with waste oil collectors throughout Scandinavia and North Europe, as well as Africa and US.


In parallel with the focus on the waste oil supply, optimisation of the production and improvements were designed and implemented 2007-2009. Since then the baseoil has been regenerated in a "state of the art" facility and is leaving the plant for the production of new lubricants.

In 2013 Dansk Olie Genbrug took the step and changed name to AVISTA OIL Danmark to emphasize the cohesion with AVISTA OIL Group.